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Sunday, April 19, 2015

In Our Library - The Home Workshop Series

Over the years he Guild of Canadian Weavers has certainly had many great weavers in their membership. Many of these weavers contributed to our weaving community through the guild as well as sharing their knowledge by writing. Winifred Mooney and Nell Steedsman are two such ladies.

They created a series of booklets entitled “Home Workshop Series”. They created a total of 8 booklets, assisting weavers to learn about different techniques. Each booklet focuses on a particular technique and begins with a definition. Full instructions are given for each set of samples and weavers are encouraged to continue exploring the technique in their own creative way.

No. 1 The Gauze Weaves, Leno Scrollwork
No. 2 Crackle Weave
No. 3 Four Lessons for New Weavers
No. 4 Two Blocks – Four Frames
No. 5 Perception: Key to Design in Weaving
Inspiration from Nature

Photos and Swatches
Pattern Layout
How-to Section
No. 6 Perception: Key to Design in Weaving
Inspiration from books and Photographs
Photos and Swatches
Line, Shape, Size, Hue
How-to Section
Colour Notes
No. 7 Perception: Key to Design in Weaving 
            Inspiration from Man-made Articles
Photos and Swatches
Borders and Interlacing
How-to Section
No. 8 Perception: Key to Design in Weaving
Ecclesiastical WeavingGlossary and Bibliography
Photos and Swatches
Perception in Drafting
How-to Section

We are fortunate to have this series in our library for members to borrow!

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