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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sample of Summer and Winter from Level 1 Test

This week I am featuring one of my samples from my Level 1 Test.  The sample is a 2 block Summer and Winter.  I love the fact that the back has the opposite colouring from the front of the sample.

Each section is treadled differently and is described from left to right.  The first section is treadled in pairs, the middle section is treadled in singles and and the third section is treadled as overshot (also known as Dukagang).

Cotton 2/16 was used for the warp and the tabby. A sett of 30 ends per inch was used.  The pattern weft is a very soft light green Orlon 2/16.

This sample was woven in the 80's and is traditional.  The weight and hand of the cloth is super and it is a piece I am really proud of.

If you have a piece from one of your tests that you would like to share with us, please send us a little blurb and the picture!

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