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Friday, September 25, 2015

Weaving Opportunity

The following message was submitted on September 19, 2015

Next year is the 250th anniversary of the Steeves/Steves Family move to NB  from PA because, probably, of persecution during the American Revolutionary  War. Around the 200th anniversary, a 'tweed' was designed using 7 colors, each representing the lineage from one of the original 7 sons. The fabric was woven by the now-defunct Humphrey Woolen Mills, Moncton. I have 2 human hand-sized swatches. The senior weaver here in Fairbanks, Alaska,  looked at the swatches & suggested the following:

The fabric is probably a twill variation, 3/1. The weft is dark brown; the  warp is a repeating yellow/green/turquoise/royal/green/  red/yellow/green/turquoise/royal/ green/pink.

The yarn is approximately 224 worsted single ply.

The warp is 32-36 ends/inch

Two questions:
1. I would like to have enough reproduction fabric to make a kilt. At  least 6-8 yards.
2. It is possible, since next year is the 250th anniversary, that the
Steeves Family Inc. might be interested in commissioning a commercial-sized run of fabric (whatever that might be) to offer for sale to the attendees.

Although I live in the USA, it makes more sense to have the fabric woven in Canada to avoid customs costs & to take advantage of the dollar difference.

Can anyone help with either of these needs?

Thank you.

Anyone interested should contact and I will give the persons information.

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