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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Guild Weaving Exchange

One of the most appreciated benefits of being a member of our Guild is receiving a sample with each bulletin.  We owe thanks to each of our member guilds that take on this task! I can just imagine all the excitement once the samples are woven and they get to handle the wonderful samples.

We also have an annual exchange for members to participate in.  In 2015, each member is weaving a lace table runner.  Each participant chooses a structure and researches that structure.  Once the runner is woven, it is mailed to the assigned member.  There is no entry fee.  All written information, drafts, and notes are exchanged to all members via email.  

The runners are sent out in the fall and our spring Bulletin usually features photos and as much information regarding the items as possible.  Members can also request more information regarding the exchange items.

I can hardly wait to see what the members have created this year!

To view previous exchanges, please visit our website Gallery page using the following link:

The Guild of Canadan Weavers

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